Our logo shows the weathervane on the tower of St Mary’s church.


 Reg Smith (1917-2007) designed the weathervane.  Reg belonged to the Smith family who ran the village shop on The Green in the late Twentieth Century.  This was the freestanding ‘VG Shop’ on the corner of Daventry Road, which, in 1965, replaced the lean-to still visible on the house where Reg lived.  Previous owners of the lean-to shop were the Diceys, the Vincents and the Walkers – Reg’s mother was a Walker.  When Mrs Walker ran the old store: She sold everything from bootlaces to basins, from socks to sweets and groceries.  The shop was in such a clutter, that sometimes she couldn’t find what was on your list, and you waited until she did find it.


 The weathervane was made by Tom Mason (1887-1972), the village black-smith.  Tom and his sister Elizabeth Flavell ran the Post Office on The Green, now part of ‘Penny Stamp Cottage’, a private house.  When Tom retired in 1965, the post  office moved to its present position on Rugby Road.

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The photograph of the weathervane was taken by Alan Atkinson, a present member of the History Group, whose talents have been put to good use in the production of Barby: A Village History and Putting Barby in the Frame.   

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Right: Tom Mason and his sister-in-law Daisy Flavell stand outside his house on The Green.  The rose is still there.

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