We are a small, but active, group of people interested in the history of Barby parish and its surrounding area.† We have a regular evening meeting once a month in the

Village Hall, often with visiting speakers, but sometimes we meet to discuss projects in progress.† If we are preparing an exhibition or publication, we meet more frequently.† We have discovered a wide range of talents amongst our members.†


We have a collection of documents, photographs and artefacts relating to the village, which we have used as the basis of publications and exhibitions.† Our collection grows with every public event.† We aim to share it as widely as possible.


Please search this website for the information you want.† If itís not here, contact us by phone, post or email.† We will be happy to help.


Why not join us?† Membership costs £12 per year for one person, or £18 for two at the same address.

The history of the parish of Barby in Northamptonshire

Barby Local History Group

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St Maryís Church, Barby